Two Part Service-Factory-Based Tutorial

We’re happy to say that both pieces of our non-programmer introduction to ExperiaSphere and its Service Factory approach are now completed and available for download.  Please click the link below to download:

All About ExperiaSphere Service Factories

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Working “Inside the Service Factory”!

We got a very positive response to the Service Factory PowerPoint we developed and posted here, and so we’re taking that theme to the next logical point and exploring what’s inside a Service Factory using the same kind of analogy-driven logic.  Look for something within two weeks!

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A Service Factory Concept Primer

We’ve created a new presentation that outlines how ExperiaSphere’s key concept, which is the “Service Factory” works by explaining how we came up with the notion in the first place.  This is public material, and can be shared freely.

ExperiaSphere Service Factories

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(Finally) ExperiaSphere and Money Flow!

We’ve finally completed the partner presentation on ExperiaSphere and Money Flow.  This PowerPoint of about 50 slides shows how ExperiaSphere manages the payment/settlement process that allows customers to buy “experiences”.  It also explains how payments are simply a specific case of “sponsorship” of experiences, and that other cases include advertising.  Finally, it shows how sponsorship links to “fulfillment” which is an agreement to obtain an experience by promising some future behavior, such as watching a specified number of ads.  We invite partners to contact us for this material, and of course we’re eager to identify new partners willing to commit some time to the project!

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Full Content of Old Site Available for Download

As you all know, we’re transitioning from the old wiki-based site for ExperiaSphere to the new website, and in the process we’ve decided not to replicate all the content in the old site here on the new one.  The download PDF material is more comprehensive and better organized.  However, some people have indicated that they found the other material helpful, and so we’re making that material available for download as a ZIP archive here.


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The Cloud and Services

One of the goals of ExperiaSphere from the start (as those who have followed the project and documentation know) is to blend IT and network behavior seamlessly into an experience.  It seems to me that we’re seeing validation of the need for this sort of thing in the market today.  The announcement that Verizon was going to add space for an additional 5500 racks of servers shows that IT components are big in the revenue plans for operators.  The standards processes of today seem to me to be way behind on this issue.

Do people think that we need service-layer standards for creating IT/network behaviors that synch with each other, or should we let the market decide?  ExperiaSphere doesn’t care; we can implement a standard model or a proprietary model, but which would be better?

We’ve opened this topic for comments; if you register feel free to do so.  To register, contact

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Welcome to the ExperiaSphere Blog!

Welcome to the new blog for ExperiaSphere!  This blog will be used for all new entries.  You can still access the legacy ExperiaSphere wiki at and this access will be retained for at least the month of October.  Beyond that the site will revert to ad-sponsored and some data may be lost.

In this new blog structure there is full public access as usual, but we are also enabling comments and even posting by companies who register with us.  Please email to register and get a username.  You must provide your name, email (no webmail accounts, please), company name and job title to register to comment.  If you want to post, we will engage in further email qualification before elevating your status.

We hope this new format will be helpful!

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