Service Architect Lifecycle Phase Tutorial is Now Available!

I’m happy to say that I’ve completed the slides and annotated slides for the Service Architect tutorial for ExperiaSphere.  They are now available on the ExperiaSphere website as follows:

  • The slide deck without annotations and in PDF form is available HERE.
  • The annotated slide deck in the same form is available HERE.  We recommend that you use this deck for learning since the notes are highly valuable.

These documents can be shared freely as long as they remain in PDF form with our copyright and trademark notices intact.  You may not use the term “ExperiaSphere” except to describe the documents unless you contact us for permission.

There is no obligation for you to reference us or the ExperiaSphere project or design in your own work, even if it is derived from ExperiaSphere.  We’d hope that you would voluntarily do that, and provide a link to the website, if you do incorporate ExperiaSphere principles into your design or product.

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