The Second Tutorial is Coming in August

I’m happy to say that the second of the ExperiaSphere tutorials will be available in August 2014, likely toward the middle of the month.  For those who found the first one heavy going, this one is going to be even worse, but the good news is that successors will get much easier.

The second tutorial is the first of the four “service lifecycle” tutorials aimed at explaining what ExperiaSphere will do and how it will work by following the path of a service from conception to deployment and management.  The tutorial is aimed at the first lifecycle phase, that of the Architect.

ExperiaSphere builds services by harnessing resources.  The inherent behaviors available from cooperative systems of resources like networks or data centers are framed into useful groupings called service models, and these then form the lowest-level building blocks of the services themselves.  The critical step in this evolution from resource to service model is the creation of Logical Resources that are virtual functional chunks that can be instantiated as needed.  ExperiaSphere builds down from them to the actual networks and data centers and up from them to services.  Architects control all this by building object containers for resources, both logical and physical, and these are then used as proxies for the resources in assembling stuff and committing infrastructure to customers.

I know this tutorial is going to be a challenge; it’s over 50 slides.  But it’s the heart of ExperiaSphere, the thing that makes everything else work, and so getting it right will set up for the simpler tutorials on ordering, deployment, and management.

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