ExperiaSphere Tutorial One Slides Available!

I’m pleased to say that the slides (both plain and annotated) for the first of the ExperiaSpere tutorials are now available and the ExperiaSphere website has been updated to track the new open-source-driven management and orchestration model.  Carol Wilson of Light Reading published a nice piece on ExperiaSphere HERE, and I’m happy to finally have the architecture overview complete and published for review.

The slide decks in PDF form can be found at:

http://www.experiasphere.com/ExperiaSphereTutorial1Slides.zip (slides only)

http://www.experiasphere.com/ExperiaSphereTutorial1Annotated.zip (slides and notes)

This tutorial is not a light-hearted romp, and the slide decks aren’t small (37 slides).  I wanted to be sure to convey enough detail to permit a technical planner or architect to evaluate what I suggest and take a stab at laying out a project based on the architecture.  I can be a bit more explanatory in the video that will come next, at the expense of making it an hour and a half long, perhaps!

With this release, I’m moving all of the ExperiaSphere activity to the ExperiaSphere website and blog, and to the Google+ ExperiaSphere Community.  I’ll not be updating the LinkedIn Group further, so be sure you’re registered for the new Community.  I’ve also created an ExperiaSphere Insiders Community on Google+, for those who contact me and commit to actual implementation work.  Not to keep harping on this point, but I can’t support Q&A and clarifications on the approach in any form except posts in the ExperiaSphere Community, so please don’t send me emails with questions or ask for phone calls.  I will try to cooperate with the media, of course.

I’m asking everyone in the ExperiaSphere Community to obey common-sense rules about questions and postings.  Don’t post irrelevant information or something that’s self-serving without advancing the topic.  I don’t want to pull someone from the group or limit admissions, but we all need this forum to be open and useful at the same time, and if we have to sacrifice the former to get the later, so be it.

I’m starting on the four ExperiaSphere lifecycle presentations, and also preparing the audio for the YouTube version of the first tutorial.  I can’t promise exactly when any of this will come out but my goal is to have at least the slide decks (annotated and plain) for all the tutorials available by the end of August.  I look forward to working with those who are really interested through the Community.

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