First Tutorial is In Production!

I’ve made a lot of progress with my ExperiaSphere open-source model for cloud, SDN, and NFV management and orchestration.  I’m finalizing the introductory material, which I’ll first share with a key source of insights within the next 10 days.  When I’ve accommodated any changes/suggestions from this final review, I’ll prepare the introductory video tutorial, which I’ll post on my YouTube channel when it’s available.

I had originally intended to use LinkedIn Groups as a means of coordinating questions on the model when the tutorials are published, but I’ve been having ongoing problems with sharing posts on LinkedIn, and so I’m moving my activity to Google+, where I have established an ExperiaSphere Community.  This is where I’ll be making announcements on the availability of videos and answering questions on the model, so if you are interested please join the community.  I’ll not be keeping the LinkedIn Groups active beyond the end of June, though I’ll sustain the groups to protect the name (which is Trademarked by CIMI Corp).

What’s being planned in the way of video tutorials?  Well, my current plan is to do a primary introductory video that will explain the model at a high level.  This will be followed by a series of videos that will cover the details in the form of a walk through an ExperiaSphere-modeled Service Lifecycle Management process.  The steps to be covered in these tutorials are:

  • Component and Resource Architecting: Defining Basic Service Components and Onboarding Functions and Resources
  • Service Architecture: Building Services from Components
  • Service Brokerage: Ordering and Instantiating Services
  • Service Management: Responding to Changes and Events

I’ll also be providing a tutorial on Creating the Glue for the ExperiaSphere Model, which will cover how to develop the connecting logic needed to link the open-source tools and create the models needed to orchestrate and manage services.

These tutorial videos will range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the topic, and I’ll also be providing PDFs of the annotated slide decks, both on the ExperiaSphere website and on SlideShare.

Please note that the ExperiaSphere model is open and released to the public without restriction, so anyone can implement the model.  The material will be freely distributable in its original form with copyrights intact.  If you want to use the term “ExperiaSphere” to refer to the activity, you must assert the trademark:  ExperiaSphere™ and say that the term is a Trademark of CIMI Corporation.  If you want to assert that you have an ExperiaSphere-compliant implementation, we’ll review your material and provide you permission and logo artwork to use.  This is only required to use the term; you can use the design concept freely without attribution.

I know this has taken some time to mature, but I want to promise that the concept when it’s available will be just what I’ve said it would be, and presented at a greater level of detail than is available for any other management/orchestration approach.  Be patient just a little longer, and thanks for your interest!


Tom Nolle

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