More on the Webinar and ExperiaSphere Q&A Process

We’re heading into our second round of briefings on the new ExperiaSphere model, and I want to let everyone know how the later rounds are going to work, as well as how I’m going to handle Q&A.  I want to start by reiterating that ExperiaSphere is not a project like my previous CloudNFV work—it’s not going to be an implementation with a consortium of vendors and formal contributions to this body and that.  I can’t spend the time on that sort of thing two years in a row!  This is an architecture and what I’m driving is purely information dissemination.  I want everyone to understand this new approach to operations, orchestration, and management, but I have to conserve the time I expend.

On June 9th, I’m scheduling another webinar on ExperiaSphere for network operators only.  The end of June or early July, I’ll schedule another for members of the ETSI NFV ISG, the ONF, and the TMF.  You’ll have to provide your name, company, and title to register for any of these webinars.  While there will be some opportunity for Q&A, I’m dedicating only 90 minutes to the sessions and so all questions will be taken at the end of the material, and with limitations on how many a given attendee can ask, to give everyone a chance.

In either late July or early August depending on my scheduling, I’ll be releasing the full model in an open public disclosure.  This release will be in the form of a slide deck that will also be put onto SlideShare, and a YouTube video for which I’ll provide a link.  Because of the number of people interested and the difficulty in setting a time for everyone, I’ve decided I have to do a video that can be played on demand.  Both these will be available on the ExperiaSphere website.

I can’t do phone calls on this or answer individual emails for Q&A because of the impact it would have on my business.  If you want special 1:1 presentations or personal input and suggestions, I can do it only as a normal consulting activity billed at the normal rate.  Beginning in mid-June, I can do company-private webinars for a fee as well.  Most support is going to be covered on LinkedIn, in the ExperiaSphere group.  I ask that any who are interested in the status of the project join the main group as soon as possible.  I’ve also set up two subgroups for detailed participation.  One is the Implementation Subgroup, which will be limited to those prepared to actually contribute to the project by undertaking some tasks.  Generally these will be related to the open-source components of ExperiaSphere.  The Insiders Subgroup is by invitation only so you’ll know you could be one when you get an invite!

This is an open architecture, contributed freely into the public domain for all to use and share.  You need not refer to your own implementation as “ExperiaSphere” but if you want to use the name and logo you’ll have to offer me a presentation deck on what you’re doing.  ExperiaSphere and “Think Outside the Bit” are Trademarks of CIMI Corporation, and so to use the term and logo you’ll need my license to apply it, which I’ll grant freely if what you do conforms to the architecture.  I want to be sure that anything that is called “ExperiaSphere” really works as I’m describing.

So that’s it for now.  Again, please join the ExperiaSphere LinkedIn group or at least connect with me on LinkedIn if you don’t follow this blog regularly, so you get the latest status.  Thanks again for your interest!

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