Next Round of ExperiaSphere Webinars

Our first group of webinars on our ExperiaSphere open-source-driven approach to orchestration and management for the cloud, SDN, and NFV have been fully subscribed so please don’t send us any other applications.  We are scheduling our next round for the week of June 9th, with the current tentative date/time being June 9th at 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time.  The webinar will be scheduled for 90 minutes and content will reflect the feedback we’ve gotten from our first series and additional details on the architecture that have emerged.  This webinar will be open to network operators only.  We will do our first webinar for non-operators in July and it will target members of the NFV ISG, the ONF, and the TMF.  An open webinar will be held in late July or mid-August.  Contact our registration email ( to register or inquire, or respond to me on LinkedIn (Tom Nolle).

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