What To Expect from the “New ExperiaSphere”

If you’re reading this you probably read my personal CIMI Corporation blog, and if you do then you know how important I think a single model for orchestration, operationalization, and management of SDN, NFV, the cloud, and legacy infrastructure is to operators.  Whatever we believe about the future of networking, we’re in a present whose sunk costs run in the hundreds of billions of dollars and we’re not going to junk that and start over.  That means the new has to coexist with, as a minority element in fact, the legacy.  Not only that, things like the cloud, SDN, and NFV present different benefits in different applications and places, and so will likely deploy in a specialized way rather than generally.  We have to accommodate that.

When ExperiaSphere launched as a project six years ago, it grew out of TMF Service Delivery Framework discussions and operator interest in prototyping some of the concepts for service automation.  From the first it supported hosted elements, network services created in any way that worked, and even a harmony between web services and provisioned elements.  All of this is included in the new model of ExperiaSphere that I’m now defining and starting to share with selected operators and experts.

This is going to be an architecture effort, not an implementation project like my CloudNFV efforts were.  I want to be able to build a model of operationalization for the future that can be applied by anyone in any way they like, and in particular to support an open source implementation, which is what ExperiaSphere was based on from the first.  I started this quest in January when I left my role as Chief Architect for CloudNFV, and I’m glad to say that I’m almost done with a proto-model, and also that I’ve identified what I think is at least one of several possible paths to implementation that leverage open-source elements for all the key missions.

I can’t rush this because my time spent on projects that are fun but not profitable can’t be infinite!  I also want to get input from standards groups and in particular the carriers, and that process is already starting.  I hope you’ll be patient, and I hope you find the result to be worth the wait.

ExperiaSphere’s motto has always been Think Outside the Bit and that’s what I’m asking everyone to do…because it think the conditions in our industry demonstrate that’s the only way we can reach a future where we’re all happy and successful in this dynamic industry.

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