ExperiaSphere, the Cloud, and DevOps

One of the questions that’s come up recently in our ExperiaSphere work is how ExperiaSphere relates to the emerging vision of cloud computing and in particular how it might relate to the concept of “DevOps” or Developer/Operations fusion for the cloud.  We did an old presentation on the cloud, and we’re intending to update that now, including a section on how ExperiaSphere concepts might relate to DevOps.

In our view, the most valuable work in DevOps for the cloud is addressing two related issues, if somewhat orthagonally at present.  The first is the provisioning of apps or machine images onto the cloud, and this can be looked at either from the resource perspective (spinning up a server to host apps) or from the app perspective.  The second is the addressing of cloud-hosted apps or components, either by users or by other components in a SOA framework.  The cloud work here is still evolving, and so we can’t be sure that anything useful can be done right now, but we’re examining the space and if it’s possible we’ll do our update.  In the meantime, we invite anyone with perspective on the issue to get in touch!

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