Suggestions So Far

We want to update everyone on the suggestions we’ve gotten from our operator review on our Multi-Screen Application Note.  The primary focus has been on Exchanges, and on how ExperiaSphere might provide support for them.  In the context of this specific application note, the primary role of an Exchange would be to serve as a clearinghouse for federated service components.  We acknowledge there’s another mission of interconnect at the network level.

In this specific app note, the former mission is clearly in scope but the latter seems more related to VPN or other enterprise services that are not built on general, ubiquitous, Internet connectivity.  Thus, we’ll introduce a little about the use of ExperiaSphere to mediate interconnection but we’ll have to leave the majority of the details to a different document.  We do ask any operators with specific interconnect interest in the context of multi-screen service federation to provide us with some examples, under NDA if necessary, and if we see broad interest we’ll provide an update.

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