Where We Are, and What’s Next

We’re happy to report that our mega-document describing the implementation of multi-screen video and meet-me telepresence in ExperiaSphere terms is advancing at a rapid pace, and that even though it’s clear this document will be over 20 thousand words with 20 or more illustrations, we expect to be able to release a draft to our carrier friends within ten days or less, and to have general availability in early September.

We’ve already had some carriers ask us what our next step in the process will be.  Frankly we didn’t contemplate releasing a series of these documents because even the ones like the multi-screen document that represent something we’ve actually done on a small scale are very expensive in terms of time to produce.  However, we will say that if we do a second and third of these (which is as far as we’d be prepared to go), the second would focus on the mobile/behavioral service opportunity and the third on the cloud.  This corresponds with the interest profile of operators worldwide.

We hasten to say here that we are not committing to these additional implementation guides at this point in time.  Do the math on writing rate based even on prevailing free-lance per-word costs and you see that these documents are a major commitment in terms of resource dollars.  Free distribution of material like this isn’t our business.  If we have time we may elect to go further, particularly if we believe the effort is going to monetize itself by, for example, developing our understanding of the problem set in a way that can lead to selling consulting services, etc.  If you, as a network operator, have a specific set of priorities for next-step documents, please let us know, but please understand that we can’t promise anything.  We are not accepting vendor requests for additional material.

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