Our Next Big Thing!

Are vendors ever going to have a service layer?  Frankly, we’re losing hope and so are our carrier friends.  So we’re going to do something on our own.  We’ve begun work on a very detailed document on the implementation of a key service-layer application (screen-switching multi-screen video) using ExperiaSphere.  While we do not propose to release code on this (at least not at this point) what we’re going to do is to lay out the process of designing and architecting this application using ExperiaSphere.  The level of detail will be sufficient to permit someone with access to the code to develop the application, and we will post the document on our ExperiaSphere site for public download.  Vendors, see if you can do this!  Carriers, ask your vendors to demonstrate this level of detail in their service layer!  Let’s get serious about operator services.

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