What Now for ExperiaSphere?

Some of you have asked me what I plan to do next with ExperiaSphere, given that I’ve just published the last of the five tutorials I promised.  The answer is “nothing specific” or maybe “it’s up to you!”

I believe that NFV specifically, and the whole notion of an NGN model in a more general sense, needs a holistic end-to-end, top-to-bottom architecture that virtualizes everything, because I don’t think you can efficiently adopt virtualization in little islands.  We virtualize services, resources, and processes, or we anchor agile things in legacy inertia.

When ExperiaSphere launched as a project back in 2007, the goal was to prove that you could represent service and resource abstractions with software objects.  That was proved, and that concept was the basis for my CloudNFV project in 2013, and for the new ExperiaSphere work directed at an open NFV model that has just been completed.  I think all of this adds up to a pretty well documented proof that this can be done right.

Some of you have expected me to form a company or launch another CloudNFV-like consortium to implement the model I’ve described.  I’m not prepared to do either.  I’m a strategy consultant, and that’s what I want to be.  The job of running a startup is more work than I want at this stage in my life.  I can’t dedicate more uncompensated time to running a group of companies in a cooperative project like CloudNFV was.  So I’ve done as much as I can do with this, and the industry at large now has to decide if the work was useful or not.

I won’t regret my efforts here even if nothing comes of it.  Strategy consulting involves giving a lot of advice you know your client isn’t going to take, but it’s still the truth and still what they should do.  I’ve done my part, and now others are welcome to use as much of this concept as they find useful, and build what serves your own goals.  If further industry activity suggests something more can be done here, within my constraints of donating time, then I’ll take up that something when it arises.

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