Welcome to the ExperiaSphere Blog!

Welcome to the new blog for ExperiaSphere!  This blog will be used for all new entries.  You can still access the legacy ExperiaSphere wiki at http://www.experiasphere.wikispaces.com/ and this access will be retained for at least the month of October.  Beyond that the site will revert to ad-sponsored and some data may be lost.

In this new blog structure there is full public access as usual, but we are also enabling comments and even posting by companies who register with us.  Please email experiasphere@cimicorp.com to register and get a username.  You must provide your name, email (no webmail accounts, please), company name and job title to register to comment.  If you want to post, we will engage in further email qualification before elevating your status.

We hope this new format will be helpful!

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